Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Stay Revelant with Online Education

The Internet makes it easier than ever to teach yourself a new skill. And best of all, it's usually FREE! With unemployment still uncomfortably high, especially among recent grads, it's negligent not to take advantage of this.

Find a topic that interests you or that smart people, like Seth Godin, recommend. A number of sites provide quality education on a broad range of topics. Even Harvard and MIT have joined forces and are at the forefront of delivering FREE online education.  Hang out with ivory tower scholars from the comfort of your couch!

For those who are tech challenged, I recommend W3 Schools to learn web development technologies. They offer easy-to-follow tutorials on HTML, Java, SQL and more. You can practice as often as you'd like and they have quick reference guides available too.

Learn something new and use it, use it and then use it more. Keeping your skills fresh is hugely important. If you lack the confidence to use them in the real world, you're wasting your time.

Get out there and have fun with it. Surprise yourself and stay relevant.

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