Saturday, March 10, 2012

God's Pulling for Obama

If this extraordinarily mild winter tells us anything, it's that God wants President Obama to win the 2012 election. Hyper-religious right-wingers continually point to natural disasters as being an indictment of America's moral decline. So this cheerful winter must have them really nervous: obviously it's a ringing endorsement for Obama from the Big Guy in the sky.

God's well aware of the number one issue for voters: the economy. Always has been and always will be. A mild winter inflates GDP, inspiring consumer and business confidence. Here's what Raymond James economist Scott J. Brown, Ph.D. had to say:

" unusually mild winter appears to have had a significant impact [on econonomic growth]...boosting motor vehicle sales, construction activity and employment."

Oddly, Brown doesn't mention God in his commentary. But he doesn't have to. We know who's really behind this blessed winter.

Before you dems pop the champagne, realize the election's still eight months away. There's still time for religious conservatives to pray extra hard and put pressure on God to drum up  some last-minute atmospheric mayhem. (Pat Robertson not included, of course, since God already told him that Obama would lose the election).

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