Monday, January 9, 2012

Hey, Executives: This Occupy Thing Ain't Over...

Winter's blustery chill may have sent those Wookie Occupiers into hibernation, but just as the dingy turnip lies dormant only to re-emerge bright and ripe in the spring, so to will this Crusade Against Greed.

Executives: will you reign in your compensation packages before it's too late?

No, of course not. If we believe that the powerful will admit to and change the errors of their ways, then we deceive ourselves. And experience has taught us that government can't solve this problem because politicians have become pawns of the elite.

Most people know what needs to be changed, even if they're unsure about how to get it done. Ultimately this means revolting, by all means necessary, against the perceived problem. Good luck this spring, kids!

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