Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fiscal conservatives owe US a shot

It’s easy to be fiscally conservative once you’ve made it. Why take on debt when you’re already flush with cash? But in order to acheive wealth, most people had to take on debt/fiscal risk at some point--Donald Trump’s companies have claimed bankruptcy 4 times.

Don’t get me wrong--I salute anyone who’s got the courage and smarts it takes to build a successful business and a comfortable life. And I get why, once you’ve made it, you’d want your government to spend conservatively. Slow growth suits you just fine. But for those who are just scraping by (and a lot of people currently fall into this category), austerity does zero good.

Besides, financial success creates more conservatives; they should be happy to give others a shot at it. But if for no other reason, conservatives should remember: they needed help once too. 

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