Tuesday, January 22, 2013

NFL Reviewing Brady, but Bill's the Criminal

Instead of reviewing Tom Brady's slide in the AFC championship game this past Sunday--Tommy made a kicking motion as Ed Reed came in for the tackle--the NFL is overlooking the game's most egregious offense:  Bill Belichick's coaching performance.

Bill, who's brilliance typically buys the Pats a few points per game, put together one of his all-time worst performances.

For starters, Bill owns the most prolific offense in football, guided by the league's most consistent QB, yet decided to punt from the Baltimore 34, 35 and 42-yard line. He was playing scared.

On top of this, he acted like a baby and refused to talk to reporters after the game. Scared and childish...not qualities we look for in elite coaches.

Listen, there's no one I'd rather have coaching my football team, but Bill's performance in the past few BIG games has been embarrassing.

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